Passions Magazine


The response to the inaugural fall issue of Passions Magazine was favourable, constructive and curious. It seems we caused quite a stir with the “A Zoo Next Door?” article, in which the “alternative facts” suggested that a proposed zoo at Fairwinds would include a hippo in Dolphin Lake and a zipline to transport visitors around the zoo. Reader beware. In this issue we will once again present some entertaining alternative facts, however, Passions’ mandate is quite a bit broader. We will bring focus to Fairwinders living their passion. We will find unique perspectives on some age-old subjects. We will provide helpful information and we will uncover interesting facts for the eternally curious mind.

In coming issues we will also highlight key activities and developments in and around your community. It is no secret that Fairwinds is evolving and the excitement is building (pardon the pun) around the construction of The Westerly condos, renovation of Fairwinds Landing and the recent approval to develop townhomes off Bonnington Drive.

We hope you enjoy this issue of Passions and, as always, we welcome your feedback and input into the Spring issue at

All the best,
Fairwinds Management