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Written by Claire Gunderson

June Marina newsletter

Fishing Report

Bottom fishing officially opened on May 1st and our island fisherman can now target Rockfish and Lingcod. Gear restrictions remain in place and you are reminded to watch for areas where bottom contact is prohibited. Please note that Yellow-Eye Rockfish are still not open for retention. Descending devices are a must for those targeting rockfish as it helps to get them back to the deep water in good health. Remember, when fishing for cod it is best to bring them in slow, reeling too fast may cause harm to the fish.
It is a good year to hone your hook skills. Even when bottom fishing, it is likely that you may land a few salmon. Though many anglers are opposed to catch and release, if you have lines out you are likely to land a few Chinook or wild Coho. Anglers are allowed to keep hatchery Coho only (clipped dorsal fins). Coho retention started June 1st and the DFO forecast remains positive for mid to late summer fishing.

Considerations: Migrating salmon are in great condition and pose a challenge to anglers as they swim deep, strike hard and are strong enough to run fast.  The majority of salmon caught in our area were between 140 – 160 ft down.

Tips: The islands and islets which make up the Winchelsea Archipelago create natural corridors for migrating salmon. We advise fishing at low tides as the passing fish are restricted to smaller areas. Additionally, slack tides are when many fish are actively feeding. Use a longer leader (48” – 60”) and try to allow for slower action on your lures. Faster trolling speeds can help to tire the fish once you’ve set your hook. Green is the colour and deep is the aim.

Moorage Available

Do you know someone looking for moorage? We have a few remaining slips available for annual contract. If you know someone looking for a slip to store their boat please tell them to call our office at 1-250-468-5364 or email .

Keeping Neighbourly

Fairwinds Marina staff would like to thank each of our customers for creating a welcoming community at our facility. Before departing from your berth, please ensure that all your lines are neatly stored and that all your possessions are kept clear from the walkways. 

Marina Operations Notices:

Repairs & Work Orders: Customers are reminded that all repair requests and work orders should be submitted to our office staff. Marina Management will then prioritize all requests and delegate accordingly. Though our repair and maintenance staff do their best to remember all requests that are mentioned in passing, they have been instructed to keep on task and leave the documentation of request to our office attendants.

Fuel Truck & Deliveries: During fuel deliveries, we would like to ask that all our patrons stay clear of the truck drivers so that they may safely perform the task at hand. Please pay extra attention to the pylons (cones) and do not walk through the areas that have been marked-off. 

Pump Out: Our plans to replace the suction lines on our pump-out have been further complicated as the pump itself is at the end of its useful life. Though we have intentions of reinstalling a new pump, we are working through plans of rerouting the lines to increase efficiency and to minimize the hazards to our marine environment. We will keep our customers informed as our plans develop.

Secondary Spill: New to our facility, we have added secondary spill containment to all of the barrels which hold environmentally hazardous materials. We would like to thank our patronage for obliging to our requests of being more diligent with the disposal of these materials and once again would like to ask for your cooperation with ensuring that both oil filters and spill rags begin to be disposed of in the most caring of manners. If you have any questions please see our office staff for assistance or to answer any questions you may have.

Electrical Cords: As a reminder, please remember to unplug your electrical cords from the receptacles when you leave your berth. Keep excess electrical cords wrapped around your vessel, not our electrical posts, to help ensure we avoid charged lines from going in the water. For everyone’s safety, our staff will begin to correct the chords which are improperly stored and/or those which are viewed as a hazard.

Dave Kratt

Tips Up & Tight Lines

Marina Manager


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