Written by Julie Jaworski

May Marina Newsletter

Hours of Operation

We are now back open seven days a week. Our hours will remain from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm until May 13th when we will switch to our summer hours of operation from 7:00 am – 5:30 pm. Please note, in order to allow our staff the time to conduct opening and closing procedures on our fuel lines, the Fuel Dock will be open from 7:30 am – 5:00 pm daily throughout the summer boating season.

Moorage Renewals:

By now, most of our customers should have completed their moorage renewals and picked-up their renewal packages.
Please note, any outstanding invoices are now past due and require immediate payment. If you have not yet paid your dues, please call our office staff to make arrangements. All unpaid slips will be reallocated to new customers so please don’t delay. 

Moorage Renewal Prize Draw – Round of Golf for Four + Promotional Prizes

Our Annual and Semi-Annual Moorage customers have been asked to fill-out their entries for our upcoming prize draw. We are sending out one last reminder to all of the recent renewals who paid their fees but have not yet picked up your renewal packages, please come to our office to submit your entry for the prize draw. We will be selecting our winner early next week.

Repair Requests & Dock Alterations

As a reminder, all dock repair requests and dock alterations are to be submitted to our office staff and approved by marina management. If required, you may be asked to temporarily vacate your slip to accomplish a work order. If you have submitted a repair request, and you know of a time in which your slip will be vacant, you are encouraged to try to align the work order with your vacancy.

The Summer Crew – Titles – Roles – Nicknames & VHF Call Signs

Dave Kratt – Marina Manager – The Head Honcho – Krattman – Delta
Eric Allin – Repair Technician – Head of Trades – All-In – Echo
Marty Perry – Repair Technician – Jack of All Trades – The Frenchman – M.P.
Garrett Dunlop – Dock Attendant – The Runner – Dunners – Big Red
Shae Bellerby – Dock Attendant – Home Base – The Dr / Doc – Guevara

Area Fishing Report

Bottoms up-bottom fishing is now open! After a slow start to our fishing season, our island fisherman now have reason to drop lines and target the deep waters. This year, and likely many more to follow,  Nanoose area fisherman are discovering the variety of species we have to fish for other than Chinook Salmon. Area restrictions paired with the challenges of recent fuel prices has many anglers floating adrift along their favorite land features. It has been entertaining to watch well-seasoned trollers learn to love the peaceful alternative of jigging. It’s time to tap into your favorite cod holes while we let the more highly prized stocks regenerate.
Gear restrictions are in place for our region, and you are encouraged to watch for closures and locations where bottom contact is prohibited. If targeting Rockfish in deep water or in heavy current you may need to use a lot of weight, which will necessitate heavier gear. In my opinion, it is much more rewarding to target these fish in the shallows. Although most of the bigger fish tend to be in found deep waters, going to a lighter set-up and targeting fish in shallower waters creates a bit more of a challenge. 
Often when caught in deep water, these fish can have their air bladders expand on the way up. In this instance, they are unable to put up much of a fight, however, if you are lucky enough to be able to fish for them in the shallows with light tackle they will feel more sporty. All anglers targeting bottom fish should be carrying a fish descender device to help any unwanted or undersized catch get back into the water in good health. The great thing about fishing for Rockfish is that you never know which species you will pull up. Rockfish are a great introduction to get young ones started on the sport so plan on bringing the kids/grandchildren out for a few days of recon. To add to the allure of the Rockfish fishery, many of the species are brightly colored, uniquely attractive, and they taste absolutely delicious.

Tips & Tricks

To ensure success, braided line is a must because its low-stretch qualities allow you to feel the bite even in deep water and make a good hookset. When fishing deep you can use a conventional saltwater reel. If you are fishing shallow you can use a light baitcasting or spin reel to make it feel a bit more epic. Try fishing at low tides as the corridors and channels where you will find the bottom fish will be restricted and you will achieve better action on your rods and lines by having less length and less weight out.
Tight Lines & Tips Up!

Don’t forget about Safe Boating Awareness week...


Fairwinds is hosting a Boating Safety and Compliance speaker Saturday May 25th, 9:30-11:30AM at The wellness Club. 3455 Fairwinds Drive. N/C for this event. Come and hear Constable Bill Nadeau. With over 35 years of experience in RCMP marine services and NASBLA accident investigations, he will provide a wide overview of how to keep ourselves safe on the water. Contact Pat Terfloth to register at terfloth@me.com or 604 328 7479.

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