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May Area Fishing Report

Area Fishing Report: Fairwinds Marina, May 3, 2018

Nanoose area anglers have been presented with remarkably good fishing opportunities to start the summer. Most of the early season salmon are on-route to staging grounds at either the Fraser or Harrison rivers, and are considered to be some of the healthiest fish that we see throughout the year. Unlike the salmon that come later in the summer, these early runs are still actively feeding while in the Straight of Georgia.

Most of the Chinooks arriving at our docks are averaging 16-18 lbs. We’ve also been seeing waves of 20 lb. plus White Chinooks, which are associated with the Harrison watershed. Resident anglers have had the most success during early morning slack tides.

Bottom fishing officially opened on May 1 and our island fisherman can now target Rockfish and Lingcod. Gear restrictions remain in place and you are reminded to watch for areas where bottom contact is prohibited. Coho retention is scheduled for June 1 and the DFO forecast remains positive for mid to late summer fishing.

CONSIDERATIONS: Migrating salmon are in great condition and pose a challenge to anglers as they swim deep, strike hard and are strong enough to run fast. The majority of salmon caught in our area were between 140 – 160 ft down. Chinook Salmon tend to feed near structures, so focus your attention on those areas.

TIPS: The islands and islets which make up the Winchelsea Archipelago create natural corridors for migrating salmon. We advise fishing at low tides as the passing fish are restricted to smaller areas. Additionally, slack tides are when many fish are actively feeding. Use a longer leader (48” – 60”) and try to allow for slower action on your lures. Faster trolling speeds can help to tire the fish once you’ve set your hook. Green is the colour and deep is the aim.

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Dave Kratt, Marina Supervisor

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