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Fairwinds Marina Area Fishing Report

Area Fishing Report: Fairwinds Marina, March 2, 2018

Spring fishing in the Nanoose Bay area is highly regarded by anglers from all over Vancouver Island. Recreational fisherman, guides, and outfitters flock to our waters with hopes of accessing the staging Chinook Salmon that meander through the Strait of Georgia. Fish running during the Spring are in top condition; they are known to strike hard and run deep. This exciting and early season fishery results in some of the hardest fought battles and the best action around the boats (The Two-Step Shuffle)

While in the straight, Chinook Salmon spend most of their time following herring (which spawn in March)We see large groups of herring school near our facilities, particularly between Dorcas Pt. and Schooner Cove. The easiest way to mark where the early season salmon are, is by finding the baitfish. Watch for the local sea lions and the swarms of seagulls. The spring Chinook fishery in the Nanoose area starts in April and lasts through mid-June.

Each year, an increased number of salmon have been holding in the Strait of Georgia, rather than migrating to the open Pacific. This is in part because there is an abundance of baitfish available compared to our recent history. The quantity and availability of herring is assumed to be the reason that most of the fish being caught are larger than we’ve seen in the past few years. DFO’s fishing forecast appears very promising and those dropping lines in the Nanoose Bay area will undoubtedly keep tight lines.

Considerations: The majority of the fish caught in our area are found between 120 – 160 ft deep. Pull out your sea charts to find features which allow you to run at these depths near to a shelf or steep ledge. 

Tip: Small spoons are a simple and very effective way to catch fish and keep your lures in the water. Spoons are very low maintenance and will almost always travel through the water correctly. Unlike fishing with bait, which can also be highly productive, you will not have to reset wobbling lures. Some notable colours favourited in our area are: Cop Car, Night Rider, Glow Kitchen Sink, Irish Cream, & Glow/Green.

Dave Kratt, Marina Supervisor

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